Wednesday Evening Bible Study with Pastor John

Update: We are meeting in the church each Wednesday as a small group; if you wish to wear a mask you may but they are completely optional. We did streaming from home for a couple of months during 2020; some examples are below. Currently we meet and discuss some Bible topics from 7 to 8, and then have a prayer time. The study is streamed on our  First Baptist homepage at about 7 p.m. CST, and we’ll stop the stream before we have private prayer requests at the end. It’s much better to have some back-and-forth discussion between people who are actually present, but we do realize the ability of our microphones to pick up the whole room’s sound is often spotty. You can send comments on our studies to Pastor John at 
Wednesday May 27: Who Gives You Direction? Study mostly in Proverbs

Wednesday May 20: Final Study on the Persecution Perspective: Philippians Chapter 4: Peace, Meditation, and COVID

Wednesday May 13 Study: The Persecution Perspective, Part 5: What Confidence Is Not

Wednesday May 6 Study: The Persecution Perspective, Part 4: Can’t We All Just Get Along?

Wednesday April 29 Study: The Persecution Perspective, Part 3: Purpose, Hope, and Honor

Wednesday April 22 Study: The Persecution Perspective, Part 2: How Paul Met the Philippians

Wednesday April 8 Study: “Good Friday”:

The April 8 study above references tombs in the Kidron valley; images are easy enough to find with a quick search:
And if you’d like, here is probably more than you care to know about olive presses:
Wednesday April 1 Study: “Palm Sunday” (this one is a redo; the original didn’t record due to technical issues):

And this one is not a bible study, just a short video from around the church on Palm Sunday:

Wednesday March 25 Study:



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