Welcome to the Library Ministry of the First Baptist Church of Springfield!

This year the Library will be hosting a book fair. This summer we will begin a reading club.

Springfield First Baptist Church maintains an onsite library of Christian study resources, novels, music, video, and children’s books. This page is presented as a preview for those who wish to browse the selection online; you are welcome to visit us in person also. We welcome book (and other resource) reviews on any material found in our library. If you would like to share your thoughts so we can publish them here, email them to the site administrator (below) or see the librarian, Laurie Snyder, at church.

JohnLaurieLaurie Snyder, Librarian

Laurie has brought her skills as a librarian to our church and has put together an impressive collection of books, tapes and DVD’s for personal use. She is an expert in the field and we are proud of her. She and her husband John, also teach Sunday School classes. She teaches children and John teaches adults. John also serves as a Deacon at the church.


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Please return books, movies and other resources in a timely manner so others can benefit from them.


A section of our Library!

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